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Ensuring a responsive and inclusive HIT workforce

  • Promoting interest and opportunities in HIT careers in engaged communities
  • Assisting industry in developing an inclusive workforce
  • Working with industry to improving community relevant competencies
  • Increasing availability of HIT workforce in underserved communities

Ensuring that needs of underserved are addressed as products and services are developed and that opportunities for the use of technology enablers in the safety net are recognized

  • Highlighting needs of underserved and at risk communities
  • Promoting entrepreneurship
  • Assisting in the development of relevant and accessible technologies
  • Connecting investors to opportunities
  • Publicizing innovations and accomplishments

Protecting the interests of underserved and at risk communities and equipping them to benefit from HIT. 

  • Evaluating and informing policy/regulation/public programming
  • Analyzing and identifying impact to guide future directions
  • Assuring that there are no unintended consequences
  • Educating the public around needs, opportunities and accomplishments

Creating an inclusive and non judgmental space where stakeholders can come together around HIT

  • Development of common agenda
  • Sharing knowledge and resources
  • Providing mutual support
  • Promoting private sector collaboration and engagement
  • Convening for thought leadership, advisory assistance and education